Welding Division

Mona Trading’s welding division deals with the scope of design, tendering, supply and installation of a number of products and welding-related accessories. What sets us apart from other competitors and keeps us a leader and innovator in our business is our dedicated, talented work force, superior products, total solutions, strong distribution network and matchless customer service.

Our welding divisions is supplemented by our association with renowned industry giants:

Miller welding machines

Mona Trading is the authorized agent and distributor for the miller electric mfg. company. Miller products are committed to the highest standards of quality and performance backed by the ISO 9001 quality system certification. Moreover, miller has been in the industry since 1920’s. Whether you’re a one-man garage operation, or large scale manufacturer, Miller products have what you need to get the job done. At Mona trading, we focus our energies on catering to our customers’ needs by providing overall solutions to increase productivity and performance, and our association with Miller is a testament to that promise.

Mona trading is the main distributor for the following:

Welding Equipment                        
: Miller Electric - USA
Welding Consumables  
: Hobart, Tri-Mark- USA
Welding Consumables      
: Washington Alloy,Blue Arc
Welding Accessories    
: Weldcraft, Bernard, TBI Industries
Gas Regulation & Cutting      
: Wescol - UK
Rotating & Positioning Equipments
: Yangtong – China

After sales service

mona trading’s commitment to customer satisfaction is epitomised by its independent workshops and service facilities at all branches that cater to pre-delivery inspection and after sales service for all our products.


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